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روزا تۇتۇشنىڭ ھېكمىتى ۋە روزىدار كىشىدە بولۇشقا تىگىشلىك ئەخلاق

The Best Role Model

The Best Role Model

In spite of his office of Prophethood, Muhammad was a very gay and pleasant person With all the severity and seriousness of his function, his company was neither boring nor dull and uninteresting, like that of ordinary religious leaders, but was full of pleasant and delightful humour. He often joked with his companions and laughed with them. Abdullah ibn Al-Harith bin Jaz said that he had seen no one more pleasant and smiling than Muhammad. It is reported by Abu Hurairah that Muhammad used to mix with them on familiar terms, even to the extent of enjoying light jokes with them.

Muhammad was also a very humble person. He lived humbly all his life and never boasted of his social or political position either before or after his successes in Medinah. Once, on a journey, a few of the companions decided to slaughter a goat for a meal. They divided the work among themselves; one was to slaughter it, another to remove its skin, yet another to do the cooking. Muhammad said that he would collect the wood for cooking. His companions said that they would do his work as well.

Muhammad was also a very hospitable person. Even before he was raised to the status of Prophethood, he was known as a hospitable and generous man. Nobody ever went away from him empty handed. He used to feed the poor, the needy, the widows and orphans and was very popular among the people of Makkah. In Medinah, his hospitality knew no bounds and his house was open to all; rich and poor, friend and foe, all came to him and were treated very generously by him. People used to come in large numbers from all directions, and he entertained them all and served them personally.

Undoubtedly, no one can be more truthful and honest than the Messengers of God. Muhammad proved by his living example that he was the most truthful and honest person of his age. Everyone was impressed by his honesty and truthfulness. He was a poor orphan, who had started trading with his uncle, but in a very short time, owing to his honest and fair dealings with all people, he became well-known and respected. He was known as Al-Sadiq (the Truthful) and Al-Amin (the Faithful). Every Makkan, rich or poor called him by these names.

Muhammad was by nature a very generous and charitable man. According to Ibn Abbas, God's Messenger was the most generous of all people, especially in the month of Ramadan, when he became more generous. Muhammad never said 'no' to any request from anyone all his life. Once he said that he was only a distributor and a treasurer and God was the bestower of everything. Once a man came to him and saw his herd of goats stretching over a vast area. He requested help and Muhammad gave him the whole herd of goats.

Safwan bin Umayya was a deadly enemy of Islam. When Makkah was conquered, he ran away to Jeddah with the intention of going to Yemen. Umir ibn Wahab came to the Holy Prophet and told him about Safwan. The Holy Prophet gave him his turban and said, "This is a sign of the guarantee of his safety." Umir went to Safwan with the turban and told him that he had no cause to run away for his safety had been guaranteed.

Another great quality of Muhammad was that he never took revenge on anyone for personal reasons and always forgave even his staunch enemies A'isha said that God's Messenger never took revenge on his own behalf on anyone She also said that God's Messenger was not unseemly or obscene in his speech, nor was he loud-voiced in the streets, nor did he return evil for evil, but he would forgive and pardon The people of the Quraish rebuked him, taunted and mocked at him, beat him and abused him They tried to kill him and when he escaped to Medinah, they waged many wars against him yet when he enter

Muhammad was always fair and honest in his dealings with other people even before his prophethood. When he attained the age of maturity he became a trader and went on expeditions to the Middle East countries. He traded with other people's money with great prudence and made large profits. The people of Makkah were very much impressed by his trading skill and fair dealing. Gradually he became well-known and the people trusted him. It was his honesty and fair dealing in business that impressed Khadijah, who first entrusted her enterprise to him and later married him.

Muhammad was also very kind and affectionate towards women. Women were very badly treated in those times. Muhammad gave them honour and dignity equal to men in the community. Men were always around God's Messenger and women did not get any time to listen to him or enquire about their problems. Therefore women requested him to appoint one day for them for this purpose. Muhammad accepted their request and appointed a day for them. As women are usually of a tender and weak nature, he took special care of them and always treated them with kindness.