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The Best Role Model

The Best Role Model

Islam emphasises that one takes care of one’s self physically by maintaining, for example, cleanliness, dressing properly and eating that which healthy and beneficial. Similarly, it emphasises taking care of one’s self internally by beautifying one’s own moral conduct i.e. aiming and acting upon a high standard of character.

Without a doubt, cheating and deception are despicable characteristics that are beneath the behaviour of any decent person. The intentional distortion of truth in order to misguide others is, naturally, a practice which contradicts the noble values taught by the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Al-Uthaymeen Muhammad ibn Salih

The rights of the Prophet r are the most important, after the rights of Allah. There is no human who has more rights than the Prophet r. Allah said, what translated means: "Verily, We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a witness, as a bearer of glad tidings, and as a warner. In order that you (O mankind) may believe in Allah and His Messenger, and that you assist and honor him (Muhammad)…" [48:8-9]

In an age when persecution for the sake of religion was common in the world all around him, we find the Messenger (peace be upon him) giving the Christian monks of St. Catherine in Sinai a promise of protection and exemption from taxes. A Christian woman may marry a Muslim and retain her faith if she so desires. Islam has to come willingly from the heart or not at all.

I find considerable interest in reading (either literature or current affairs) and teaching/tutoring which I enjoy doing in my spare time without any form of profit. These interests, I feel, in some form demonstrate my own personal capacity for leadership, commitment in using whatever knowledge which I have been fortunate to gain in serving my community. I have been able to benefit and make use of the educational theories of Piaget and Erikson, as well as several other later psychologists whose theories and ideas I have learned in order to teach effectively.

by: Belqis Ahmed

You set the example, lived and died as our model.
You taught us right from wrong, good from evil,
You taught us the Oneness, and obedience to the One.
You eliminated disbelief, and revived a joyous belief.
You set the standards of manners, living an exalted character.
You humbled to the old and young,
the noble and ignoble.
You were the Master, but distinguished yourself not among men.
You ruled a nation, but lived in simplicity.
You illuminated our life, after a life immersed in darkness.

 In that age when men were often cruel to each other, let alone to animals, the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught his Companions, that one should be kind to all living things, animal or plant, since they are all part of Allah’s creation. He taught that a woman would enter Jahannam (Hell) because she had locked up a cat without giving it anything to eat.

Victors are usually proud and happy to take revenge on their victims, but not the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After his conquest of Makkah, the Prophet (peace be upon him) displayed the utmost humility. When he entered Makkah, his head was bowed so low that people could see his beard touching the camel's saddle. Standing at the door of the Kabah, the Prophet (peace be upon him):
There is none worthy of being served save the one, Allah. He has fulfilled his promise and offered help to his servants. He alone has brought the hosts of enemies low.