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His Guidance

His Guidance

The Prophet (peace be upun him) bought and sold, but he bought more than he sold after he was entrusted with [Allah's] message. He (peace be upun him) also leased and rented, appointed agents and was appointed as such, but he appointed more than he was appointed.

He (peace be upun him) purchased on cash and credit, he interceded and others interceded for him, and he borrowed with mortgage or without it.

It was authentically narrated that the Prophet (peace be upun him) said: “The most liked by me in your world are women and perfume, but the delight of my eye is the prayer.”
He (peace be upun him) also said: “O company of young men, whoever of you is able to marry should do so.
And he (peace be upun him) said: “Marry the affectionate woman who is likely to bear children.”

His life with his wives was characterized by good treatment and good manners. He (peace be upun him) used to say:

a. His Guidance in Eating

He (peace be upun him) never refused what was available nor did he strive to obtain what was not. He (peace be upun him) ate all good things, and if he disliked it, he would leave it without forbidding it or forcing himself to eat it. He never criticized any food; if he liked it, he ate it, otherwise he would leave it, as he did when offered lizard, because he was not used to eating it.

He (peace be upun him) invited people to Allah day and night, secretly and publicly. He remained in Makkah three years at the beginning of his prophethood, calling for the worship of Allah secretly. But after the verse was revealed saying:
“Then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists”
He (peace be upun him) complied with the order of Allah without fearing the blame of a critic. He invited the old and the young, freemen and slaves, males and females, human beings and jinn to believe in Allah.

He (peace be upun him) was the most perfect in glorifying Allah, nay all his utterances were in praise of Allah Al-Mighty. Whatever he ordered, forbade or set as legislation for the Nation of Islam, was in essence a glorification of Allah. Even his silence was a glorification of Allah by his heart. His glorification and praise of Allah was running with his breath, whether he was standing up on his feet or sitting or lying on his side or walking or riding an animal, or dismounting or travelling or staying home, blessings and peace be upon him.

The Prophet (peace be upun him), would recite a hizb regularly each day without fail.

He (peace be upun him) used to recite slowly and precisely, not hastily, but with distinct pronunciation of each letter.

He (peace be upun him) used to start his recitation by seeking refuge in Allah from Satan, saying:
“A`udhu billaahi minash-shaytaanir-rajeem" (I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the rejected.)
Or perhaps he (peace be upun him) would say:

When the Prophet (peace be upun him) gave a sermon his eyes would redden and his voice would become louder. His anger would increase to a point as if he was warning an army and would say:
"[The Last Hour will come] to you by morning or evening."
He would also say: "I and the Hour have been sent like these two", and join his index and middle fingers.
And he would say: "Indeed, the best of speech is the Book of Allah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, and the worst matters [in religion] are the newly devised ones, and every innovation is misguidance.

He (peace be upun him) used to sleep either on a mattress, a leather mat, a straw mat, on the ground or on a bed. His mattress was made of leather stuffed with fibre, and so was his pillow.

He (peace be upun him) would not sleep more than he needed, neither would he deny himself the sleep he needed.

He (peace be upun him) used to sleep in the early part of the night and pray in the latter part. He might also spend the first part of the night taking care of the affairs of Muslims.

The Prophet (peace be upun him) used scent often and liked perfume. He never refused it if given to him. His favourite scent was musk.

He (peace be upun him) liked the siwaak (toothstick), and used it whether fasting or not. He also used it upon waking up, before wudhu', at the time of praying and upon entering his home.

He (peace be upun him) used kohl and said, “Your best kohl is antimony; it clears the eye and helps hair grow.”

It was from his guidance to greet people at his arrival and upon leaving. And he (peace be upun him) instructed spreading the greeting of "As-salaamu `alaykum" (Peace be upon you).

He (peace be upun him) said “The young should greet the elderly, the one passing should greet the one sitting, the one riding should greet the one walking and the smaller number should greet the larger number.”