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 A Mercy To The Universe

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By Abul A`la Mawdudi

If we cast a glance at the world in the atlas, we find that no other country could have been more suitable for the much-needed world religion than Arabia. It is situated right in the middle of Asia, and Europe is not far away from it. At the time of Muhammad’s appearance the central part of Europe was inhabited by civilized and culturally advanced nations; thus these people were more or less at about the same distance from Arabia as were the people of India. This fact gave Arabia a central position.

Though he is a mercy to all, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) did not die for Muslims' sins. It is to be made clear that the entire concept of someone dying for our sins is in utter contradiction with the Islamic view of the nature of man and God. In Islam, every individual is responsible for his/her own salvation. Everyone, male or female, can directly approach God without any intermediary of a prophet, saint or priest.


The Global Program for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy condemns the publication of disparaging and offensive drawings of our noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in Sweden.

The Global Program for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy condemned the publication of disparaging and offensive caricature drawings of the Prophet of Mercy, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) by the Swedish newspaper "Nerikes Allehanda ".

Prophethood is a divine gift which cannot be attained merely by longing and hoping, or by striving and trying. The philosophers lied when they claimed that Prophethood could be attained simply by striving, doing all kinds of acts of worship, and persisting in disciplining oneself and purifying one's thoughts.

Allah has stated in more than one aayah (verse) that Prophethood is a diving blessing. Allah says:

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To Illuminate Humanity's way

Today our greatest problem is that many do not recognize Prophet Muhammad, and others neglect or refuse to follow his way. God sent Muhammad, as he sent all previous Prophets, to illuminate our way, "God was gracious to the believers when he raised up among them a messenger from themselves who recite to them the verses of his book (Quran) and shows them his signs, purifies them, and instructs them in the book of wisdom. They were evidently in manifest misguidance." {Quran 3:164}

Aisha said, "The first thing that the prophet experienced was true dreams. He didn't see a dream but it turned out as true as the dawn. Next, God endeared seclusion to him. He began to go to Hira for days together spending time in devotions. He carried provisions when he went. When it was over, he returned to Khadija and then, once again went back refurnished, until the revelation came while he was in Hira," {Bukhari & Muslim}

Prophethood is not a quality to be acquired by any person who proves himself worthy of it by devoting himself to prayers and righteous deeds. Nor is it anything like a reward given in recognition of good service. Prophethood is an office and Allah appoints some person to this office to fulfil a special need. When such a need arises, God appoints a Prophet to fulfil it. Allah does not send prophets in rapid succession when there is no need or when the need has been fulfilled.

 It is a very well established fact that all the prophets that came before gave tidings of yet another prophet yet to come. People of the time of Muhammad were expecting a prophet to rise up from among them as well. Let's take a look at what the Quran, Old and New Testament and what some others say about the coming of a prophet.