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A Mercy To The Universe

 A Mercy To The Universe

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The Sealed Nectar

 The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Safi ur-Rahman

Evidence of Prophethood

Evidence of Prophethood

Rays from the Same Lamp

A natural question to ask someone who believes in any prophet is: ‘What are the criteria for your belief in him?’ Reasonable criteria would be:
(i) evidence for his claim.
(ii) consistency in his teachings (about God, afterlife, and similar issues of belief)
(iii) similarity to the teachings of earlier prophets.
(iii) integrity: he must be a man of high morals.

Shaykh `Abdul Rahman `Abdul Khaliq

My brothers and sisters everywhere! With this essay, I am not singling out the adherents of Islam - to which I ascribe - but rather I am writing this essay to every man and woman throughout the whole world.

I ask Allah that He facilitates tat this essay reaches every ear, falls under the sight of every eye, and is understood by every heart...

Muhammad the son of `Abdullah is Allah's Prophet and the Final Messenger Sent by Allah to the Inhabitants of Earth.

About the Prophet Muhammad and Evidences Of His Prophethood

All Prophets come with signs and evidences furnished by God that they truly are what they claim to be. Among these signs are miracles witnessed by the people that defy the laws of nature.

During the campaign of Uhud, Qattada Bin An-Nuhmans was injured in the eye. The eyeball had come out of the socket and was hanging on his cheek. The Prophet put it back with his hand and after this incident, that eye was better than the uninjured eye.

Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him presented the previous prophets to his people in a very honorable manner and considered them as his brothers. The Prophet said that, among the people, I am the one who have the best claim to Jesus (pbuh) and all the prophets are brothers Li Allat. (The brothers who have one father and different mothers) We have different mothers and our religion is one. This hadhis is agreed upon. Some scholars explain the above, that all the prophets have one religion but have different legislation.

All the miracles, which were given to all the prophets, were time related. They cannot be seen by the present generation. For instance Moses was given the miracle of splitting the sea and transforming the stick into snake. During the period of Moses, magicians were the most powerful in their society, and Allah gave the miracle to Moses that overpowered the magicians of that period. Similarly, during the period of Jesus the physicians were powerful in the society, but they had no cure for blindness, leprosy and death.