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 There are hundreds of religions flourishing around the world: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Bahaism, Babism, Zoroastrianism, Mormonism, Jehovas Witnesses, Jainism, Confucianism etc. And each of these religions claim that their scripture is preserved from the day it was revealed (written) until our time. A religious belief is as authentic as the authenticity of the scripture it follows. And for any scripture to be labeled as authentically preserved it should follow some concrete and rational criteria.

Imagine this scenario:

 Shaykh Muhammad Jameel Zeeno

Allaah the Most High says:

"Indeed in this there is a remembrance for those who have a living heart, listen attentively and are awake to taking heed." [Qaaf: 37]

Therefore, if you desire to benefit from the Qur'aan, gather your heart when reciting it, focus your attention to it and focus as if you are the one being directly addressed by it. For indeed it is an address from Allaah via the path of the Messenger sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam.

(IslamWeb) By Waqar Ahmad Husaini

Only one Qur'anic verse alludes to the physiological effects of ascending in "the sky." The Qur'anic key words and concepts include: heart, bosom; ascending; sky; punishment; restricted, narrow, hence difficult; constricted, straitened, hence troubled; the people who seek admonition or remembrance from God's signs.

(IslamWeb) Dr. Gary Miller

Undoubtedly, there is an attitude in the Qur'an which is not found anywhere else. It is interesting how when the Qur'an provides information, it often tells the reader, "You did not know this before." Indeed, there is no scripture that exists which makes that claim. All of the other ancient writings and scriptures that people have do give a lot of information, but they always state where the information came from.

"The Noble Qur'an contains what every soul mostly requires."

"Since my youth, I have been greatly impressed by Islamic civilization in all its aspects, its poetry and architecture; and very often I have told myself that a people who could give to the world so vast a treasure of beauty and significance in every branch of culture, must also have attained to the highest levels both in philosophy and religion.

Prophet Muhammad: A Pioneer of the Environment
By Franscesca De Chatel

“There is none amongst the believers who plants a tree, or sows a seed, and then a bird, or a person, or an animal eats thereof, but it is regarded as having given a charitable gift [for which there is great recompense].” [Al-Bukhari].