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A Mercy To The Universe

 A Mercy To The Universe

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مطويات للتحميل

The Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him) mixed with people, and lived with them in all other cases in sorrow and in joy, and in hardship and in relief, he did not felt that he was better than them except by the revelation that has been revealed to him by Allah as the Lord of Al-‘Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists).

cover Justice A Value In His Biography

Models of justice in his Sunnah and conducts:
Firstly, his warning of enslavement of people: The Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him) implanted the value of justice in his followers, he said a warning of enslavement of people: “Not one of you say to my servant “slave” and to my female servant “female slave”, all of you and all your wives be servants of Allah, but say my lad and my maid and my young and my young girl.”

Secondly, his banning of racial discrimination: He said: “You are sons
of Adam, and Adam came from dust. Let the people cease to boast about


A value in his biography (blessing and peace be upon him)

By Mohammad Mos’ad Yaqut

Britney Saint Helier described the Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him): "There are two traits in his character, the noblest traits that the humankind have, which are justice and mercy." [1]

The Prophet (Peace be upon him)  and Mercy to Animals

The Prophet's (Peace be upon him) concept of kindness to animals is based on a balanced view that combines the benefit of human beings and mercy to animals. It is a concept that does not allow cruelty, misuse, or absolute expediency. At the same time, it does not ignore the human needs for food and living conditions that require use of animals. Thus, as Islam does not allow misuse of, harming overburdening animals, it does not incline to accept the contemporary animal Humane Societies which call for preventing the killing of animals totally under the pretext of protecting their rights.

The Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) Treatment of Neighbors

When Prophet Muḥammad (Peace be upon him) was divinely sent, he found that it was a common practice for people to be bad neighbors. Everybody used to wrong their neighbor and treat him badly. Moreover, people did not see that this behavior was a fault or a blemish to one's character. Ja’far ibn abu Talib- the cousin of Prophet Muḥammad (Peace be upon him) – described briefly the then common practice while talking to Negus, King of Ethiopia, as saying: ‘We were a nation of ignorance and evil. We used to break our family ties and treat neighbors badly”. [1]

The Prophet’s (Peace be upon him)tment of Children

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) realized that dealing successfully with a child depends on studied educational methodologies based on learning, experience, experiment, patience, and comprehension. Because of the importance of this category of age, he (Peace be upon him) created a scientific and educational methodology to handle it. Hence, this methodology produced successful and achieving characters, unique distinguished leadership, and peerless intellectual scientists. So, among the most important pivots of the educational methods in his (Peace be upon him) dealing with children are: