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quran 108-sur

During the campaign of Uhud, Qattada Bin An-Nuhmans was injured in the eye. The eyeball had come out of the socket and was hanging on his cheek. The Prophet put it back with his hand and after this incident, that eye was better than the uninjured eye.

Al Bukhari related that Yazid bin Abi Ubaid said, I saw a scar of a cut on the leg of Peace Be Upon Himama. When I asked him, O Abu Muslim! What is this scar? He said, I was injured in the battle of Khyber. People said, Peace Be Upon Himama is injured. I came to the Prophet peace be upon him and he blew on the injury three times and after that I did not feel any pain till today.

Aisha bint Saad narrated on her fathers authority that the Prophet peace be upon him visited Saad Bin abi Waqqas while the latter was sick. The Prophet put his hand on Saads head and wiped his face and stomach, and said O Allah! Cure Saad and help him to complete his migration. Saad said, from that time till now, I can still feel the cold touch of the hands of the Prophet peace be upon him.

Prior to the battle of Khaiber the Prophet peace be upon him said Tomorrow I will give the flag to a man who loves Allah and his Prophet, and Allah and His Prophet love him. The people spent the night, each one of them eager to be given the banner. In the morning the prophet peace be upon him asked, where is Ali bin Abi Talib? They said he is suffering from an eye ailment (Ramadh). The Prophet spit in Alis eyes and he was cured.


Narrated Jabir (May Allah be pleased with him) Allahs messenger peace be upon him came to visit while I was sick and unconscious. He performed ablution and sprinkled the remaining water on me and I became conscious Bukhari