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 A Mercy To The Universe

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 The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Safi ur-Rahman

• Introduction:
Global Program for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of Muslim World League, Program head office located in Riyadh a capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Program Objectives:

1- To fulfill part of the obligation that Muslims owe to the Prophet (pbuh).

2- To effectively introduce the Prophet of Mercy to the entire world.

3- To support and defend the Prophet and to confront campaigns directed at causing doubt and the misrepresentation of his character.

4- To provide the international media with scholarly but simple basic material in various languages about the Prophet’s character and message.

5- To give an opportunity to all sectors of society to participate in the honor of supporting the Prophet (pbuh).

6- To point out the aspects of mercy, tolerance, justice and morality in his character.

7- To help those seeking truth who wish to know about Islam and to provide them with what can aid them to realize this aim.

8- To establish projects as an initiative and not merely as a defense or reaction.

9- To coordinate between local and international efforts exerted in this field.

• Program Activities:

1- Organizing an international conference in Europe on Prophet Muhammad's character and his mercy, forgiveness and love of humanity.

2- Conducting an international contest for the best book introducing the Prophet to non-Muslims.

3- Creating an international website for information on the Prophet of Mercy.

4- Producing a series of educational programs about the character of Prophet Muhammad, his manners and his message.

5- Supporting those satellite channels which address non-Muslims.

6- Assisting the International Committee for Support of the Final Prophet in its efforts to monitor insults directed at Prophet Muhammad at various levels and coordination with Muslim scholars and leaders in this regard.

7- Compiling and translating the best books about the Prophet and distributing them to non-Muslims.

8- Preparing a database with names and addresses of persons qualified to speak or write about Prophet Muhammad for non-Muslims and providing the international media with this list as well as Muslim organizations participating in da`wah and guidance.


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