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Muslim organisations in the UK working on the front line to deal with affronts
The Muslim Action Forum (MAF), a group that describes itself as “working on the front line to deal with affronts to global civility” has announced a legal and political strategy to have depictions of the prophet Mohammed banned in the UK. And according to a press release published on the group’s website last week, the group will work towards its goal via a combination of litigation and lobbying MPs
New documentary addresses misunderstandings about Muslims

A new documentary that addresses cultural misunderstandings about Muslims will be shown to high school students in South Australia.

The short film, created by the University of South Australia, features young Muslims discussing their day-to-day experiences and concerns.

It aims to challenge the assumptions that dominate the media and society about Islam and Muslim culture.

Cardiff Digs for True Islam

A Welsh center for the study of Islam has announced plans for a series of lectures to be organized at Cardiff University to introduce the true image of Islam and Muslims over the coming two months.

“Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and indeed in the UK,” Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray, director of the centre, told News Wales on Monday, January 27.

“There is a huge amount of interest in the place of Islam in the UK, and here in Cardiff, where there is a long history of Muslim settlement,” she added.

Brunel University

A dialogue held by Dr. Khaled Al-Shaya, the Assistant Secretary General of Global Commission for introducing the Messenger (PBUH).

A few days ago, Brunel University in west London witnessed a cultural dialogue between Sheik Khaled bin Abdel-Rahman Al-Shaya, the Assistant Secretary General of Global Commission for introducing the Messenger (PBUH) and the university students from multi nations, and both Muslims and non-Muslims.


University of Winnipeg's Muslim students get space to pray on campusThe University of Winnipeg now has a place for its Muslim students to pray while on campus.The university formally opened a Musjid, or Muslim prayer room, on Monday.Muslims pray five times a day and six times a day during Ramadan.The university’s student association collaborated with the Muslim student association to create the space in the university's Wesley Hall Basement.

Madonna Studies Noble Qur`an

US pop star Madonna has revealed that she is studying the Holy Qur’an these days as she works to build girls’ schools in Islamic countries.
“I am building schools for girls in Islamic countries and studying the Holy Qur’an,” Madonna the US pop icon said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported on Sunday, October 6.
“I think it is important to study all the holy books,” she added.

San Francisco : ouverture d’un lieu de prière à l’aéroport

Digging into the history of Islam in America, students at Louisiana University will have the opportunity to get better information about Islam and Muslims in a five-week series of readings and discussions.

“Islam is the world’s second largest religion, so when it goes through a period of internal revision it affects more than just its own adherents,” Dr. Ahmad Nazir Atassi, a Tech assistant professor of history, told Shreveport Times.

Programs on Muslim culture, history coming to DeKalb libraries

Four DeKalb County libraries recently received a federal grant to help provide information about Muslim history, culture and beliefs.

The National Endowment for the Humanities award will pay for 25 books, three films and other resources at branch libraries in Clarkston, Decatur, Northlake and Stonecrest.

Various programs will be planned throughout the year, to highlight the new collection.
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