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Debunking myths surrounding Islam and Muslim

Debunking myths surrounding Islam and Muslim, Ugandan Muslim lawyers have started a new law center to advocate issues that affect the Muslim community and correct misconception wrongly associated with their faith.

“Christians fear to employ Muslims because they think they are a security threat, terrorists and extremists,” Jaffer Senganda, the founder and President of Muslim Centre for Justice and Law in Uganda, told OnIslam.net.

“These stereotypes need to be watered down because we now emphasize the good side of Muslims and Islam through dialogue.”

Senganda is one of the lawyers who started the Muslim Centre for Justice and Law along with other Muslim lawyers and human rights activities to advocate for issues that affect members of the Muslim community.

This includes legal aid representation for Muslims without money and Muslim women.

While Muslims grow up thinking that when one touches a bible they run mad, Senganda says, “Christians thinks that the reason Muslims prepare delicious meals is because they cook using water used to wash dead bodies, they are not educated, exploit and don’t respect women.”