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A Mercy To The Universe

 A Mercy To The Universe

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The Sealed Nectar

 The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Safi ur-Rahman

  The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was of medium height. His face was fair, attractive and round. He had wavy hair, neither straight nor curly, and his hair touched his shoulders. His eyes were wide and his pupils were dark black. He had a thick beard with soft cheeks. His chest and shoulders were wide. His teeth were bright and sparkled when he spoke.

He walked in strides and in a humble manner. He would lift his feet and not drag them. Whenever he (peace be upon him) turned, he would turn with his entire body. He would offer greetings to others before they offered it to him.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) liked to smile and was never cruel, even when others were rude to him. He was extremely kind and caring. He never insulted others. The one who sat with the Prophet (peace be upon him) would think that he was the most important and beloved individual to him. He was like a kind and caring father to everyone, all people were equal to him.

He was always cheerful and grateful for every blessing Allah gave him, no matter how small it seemed. He did not criticize any food he tasted.

He would spend the days serving the people and spend the nights worshipping his Lord.