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 The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Safi ur-Rahman

Member of a family and community - Despite his extraordinary spirituality and indifference to the world, he was not heedless of central aspects of life nor did he neglect its duties and responsibilities. He did not forget that he was a husband, father, grandfather, relative, neighbor, friend and leader, and that each of these has obligations toward others. He was a human being, one that could be pleased, angry, happy or sad. He would joke with his companions at times, yet not speak except the truth. When he was angry it did not prevent him from justice and morality, and when he was saddened he bore it with patience and acceptance.

He was a husband who, despite of his great concerns and responsibilities, was fair and just with his wives,[1] pleasing them as much as possible, settling problems among them, considering their feelings and appreciating the individuality and circumstances of each one. Among his wives were those who were young and old, a daughter of his sworn enemy and a daughter of his closest friend. They represented the spectrum of society. One was occupied with raising orphans, another was characterized by fasting and praying a great deal at night, and several were known for scholarship. He sought good marriages for his daughters and was an affectionate father to his children and grandchildren. He was concerned with the rights of relatives, including the non-Muslims among them. He was loyal to his friends and companions and observed the rights of neighbors, even those who were insensitive and abusive.




[1] It is noteworthy that in a world which had previously allowed men an unlimited number of wives, it was Islam that came to regulate the practice by limiting the number of wives to four and establishing the condition of fair treatment for each. But, for reasons known to God, the prophets were not restricted to four wives as are Muslims in general.



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