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رسالة اليوم من هدي الرسول

(أزواجه) لم يتزوج النبي بكراً غير عائشة ولا امرأة في مثل سنها، بل الغالب أن يخلف على امرأة فقدت زوجها شهيداً أو مهاجراً أو تقع له في سبي الكفار فتسلم فيكون خير عوض لها، وكان زواجه من عائشة بوحي في الرؤيا، فعن عائشة قالت قال لي رسول الله: رأيتك في المنام يجيء بك الملك في سرقة (أي قطعة) من حرير، فقال لي: هذه امرأتك، فكشفت عن وجهك الثوب فإذا هي أنت فقلت: إن يكن هذا من عند الله يمضه. متفق عليه.

كتاب الرحمة في حياة الرسول

إقرأ مقالا من أكبر كتاب في العالم

فضل المدينة وسكناها

أضخم عمل عن الحرمين الشريفين

شاهد المدينة المنورة مباشرة


The Man

Through divine revelation, Muhammad (peace be upun him) invited people to use their minds, to discover the universe around them and to acquire knowledge. He confirmed that Allah rewards such deeds at a time when scientists and intellectuals in other civilizations were suffering persecution and accusations of heresy and blasphemy, being terrorized in prisons, tortured and often killed.
The first verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upun him) was:
"Recite in the name of your Lord who created." (96:1)
Allah also revealed:

His generosity:
The generosity of Prophet Muhammad was exemplary. He never turned down anyone who asked him for anything if he had something to give, to the point that a man once asked him to give him a garment that he was wearing, so he took it off and handed it over to him.

By Yusuf Estes, Former Christian Preacher

Chapter 5: What We Say:

Considering the qualities and teachings of Muhammad r, testified to by so many people throughout history and even testified to by Almighty God Himself, we conclude the following to be only a partial list of the qualities, morals and virtues of the Messenger of God r.

A. Articulate – Muhammad r, although unable to read or write throughout his entire life, was able to express himself in clear and decisive terms and in the best of classical Arabic language.

Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-\'Uthaymeen

This right is the greatest right of any of the creation. None of the creation have a right greater than the rights of Allah’s Messenger sal-Allaahu 'alayhe wa sallam. Allaah - the Most High - said:

"Indeed We have sent you as a witness rind a bringer of good-tidings and a warner, in order that mankind may believe in Allaah and His Messenger, and that you may assist and honour the Messenger." [Soorah al-Fath (48):89]

 Description: The forgiveness of the Prophet r towards non-Muslims, even those who sought to kill him and opposed his mission throughout his life. Part 1.

The Prophet Muhammad r was described as a “Mercy for all the Worlds”, as Almighty God said in the Qur'an:

“We have sent you as a mercy for all the worlds.”

Description: The forgiveness of the Prophet r towards non-Muslims, even those who sought to kill him and opposed his mission throughout his life.

Part 2: More examples.


Abdul Muttalib, chieftain of the Quraysh, had ten sons who were all worthy and outstanding, but Abdullah was the noblest and most prominent among them. (Ibn Hisham, Vol. I, p. 108) Abdul Muttalib wedded him to Amina, the daughter of Wahb Ibn Abdu Munaf, who was the leading man of Bani Zuhra. She (Amina) was the most excellent woman among the Quraysh in birth and stature at that time. (Ibn Hisham, Vol. I, p. 110)

By the time the Prophet peace be upon him completed the fortieth year of his life, the world was standing on the brink of an abyss of fire, and the entire human race was at the verge of committing suicide. It was at this darkest moment in the history of mankind, when the first blush of the incense-breathing morn announced a brightening future for humanity. The opening eyelids of Prophet hood rang down the curtain on the glooming destiny of the unfortunate, dying world.

Thanks to the allegiance and support offered by the Ansaar, for the Muslims found a new rock of refuge. The Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded the Muslims in Mecca to migrate and join their brothers-in-faith, the Ansaar, in Madinah. He told his companions, God has provided to you some brethren and homes where you will live in safety. So the Muslims travelled themselves in batches from Mecca to Yathrib, leaving the Prophet (peace be upon him) behind in Mecca in anticipation of the command of Allah as to when he should leave the city.

Fifthly: The Opposition Of Quraish Heavily Influenced The Rest Of The Arabs To Oppose Islam As Well

The opposition of the Quraish to the message of Islam greatly influenced the rest of the Arabs to reject Islam as well. In fact the influence of the Quraish was so great that even if they had not exerted themselves in their resistance to Islam and in the defamation of the Prophet peace be upon him they still could have swayed the people. That was because all of the Arabs looked to the Quraish and waited for their approval for many reasons such as: